• Microsoft NL



    Microsoft introduced the new Surface Book laptop. The aim of the campaign – business target audience – was to increase awareness.

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    a fresh new website


    Since the start – over 120 years ago – Nestlé’s MAGGI had the ambition of making delicious, quality and balanced food accessible.

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  • Microsoft Western Europe

    the story of Avatarion


    Microsoft has a lot of inspiring customer stories. Like this one. The story of Nao. A robot equipped with the software of Avatarion.

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  • Bart de Graaff Foundation

    website with accessibility focus


    Bart de Graaff Foundation needed a new online environment to invite Bikkels, mentors and other companies to join BdGF.

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  • Gourmet

    why this elegant cat has a platform


    Dear companions, owners and culinarians. Bonjour, here I am. The Gourmet Cat. In full glory, pure ecstasy and supreme elegance.

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  • Microsoft BeLux

    Engage with the story behind


    When you want to engage your customers and consumers, you should tell a real story and take them on a journey.

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  • easyEnergy

    the real Dutch energy market


    We accepted the challenge to introduce easyEnergy to the target group of people in the Netherlands with a smart meter.

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  • Kunstuitleen

    Making art affordable for everyone


    On De Nationale Kunstinruildag you can swap your funny and ugly decorations for a massive 50% discount on a real piece of art.

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  • Albert Heijn

    De Boodschapper


    Via De Boodschapper, the employees are always up-to-date with internal messages and events. The Boodschapper vlogger travels through the country to different Albert Heijn stores.

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  • Pelican Rouge

    Content strategy & Creation


    The new website for Pelican Rouge encourages visitors to explore, and get inspired in an unconventional way.

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  • Microsoft

    Work Smart Scan


    How smart do you organize your work and life balance? The Work Smart Scan, which we created for Microsoft, let's you find out.

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  • L'Oréal



    The online magazine Mijn30minuten helps and entertains the audience during the stressfull moments of hair coloring.

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  • SIRE


    We developed a campaign for SIRE that raises awareness and make youngsters more XTC savvy.

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  • Nestlé



    For KitKat we captured the iconic look of its brand into a responsive website to be enthused to share 'your break' and win great prizes.

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  • Crystal Clear

    Content Strategy & Creation


    Crystal Clear has asked us to rebrand their website and their entire online brand strategy. It's great to witness the transformation we've made throughout the years.

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  • Microsoft

    TechDays 2015


    For the latest edition of TechDays, Microsoft asked us to come up with a brand new widespread strategy, identity and digital campaign.

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  • Kunsthal Rotterdam

    Freaky Voorjaar


    Ever dreamed of having your own exposition? Together with Kunsthal Rotterdam and our technology we made it possible.

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  • Microsoft

    Surface Stories


    To introduce the Surface Pro 3 tablet in The Netherlands in the best way possible, Microsoft chose to use storytelling to realize their sales goals through a new website.

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  • Mitsubishi Motors

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV


    For Mitsubishi's potential customers we developed an interactive platform that emphasizes the technical features of the new Outlander PHEV.

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  • Questionmark

    The Lucky Barcode


    The Lucky Barcode encourages consumers to download the Questionmark app and learn the story behind the products.

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  • DealBroker

    Personalized cross-selling


    DealBroker enables airlines to increase revenue by sending targeted offers to travelers when they book their tickets. A few days before departure, travelers receive an e-mail on...

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  • Monsterboard

    #Gavoorbeter magazine


    Research shows that 49% of the Dutch workforce is open for a new job, but afraid to change jobs due to the economic climate. The Monsterboard e-magazine helps them to aspire for...

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  • Comedy Central

    #CC24 social event


    Comedy Central Netherlands started broadcasting 24 hours a day. A major milestone in its history, and Viacom wanted to make sure this event would not go by unnoticed. Good thing...

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  • FNV

    Workpower app


    Using a paper brochure has its downsides. Static content becomes obsolete, and redistributing updates can cause a lot of headaches. Let's build an app for that!

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  • Mitsubishi Motors

    Outlander PHEV


    Since the 1970’s Mitsubishi vehicles are available in the Netherlands. In response to the increasing popularity and demand of plug-in hybrid cars, Mitsubishi developed a plug-...

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  • Microsoft

    Achter De Schermen app


    When you are launching what’s considered the single most daring project you’ve ever embarked on, you want to make sure your users take full advantage of it. Even if they nee...

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  • Crystal Clear

    Favourites platform


    For Crystal Clear (‘the 1 kcal drink’), it is important to maintain a steady growth. To accomplish this goal, Crystal Clear wants to act as a strong, unique brand. Also, it ...

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