Kunsthal Rotterdam - Freaky Voorjaar


Art is not for everyone. Only those who love paintings from the Renaissance from painters such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh can enjoy a day at the museum nowadays. Not true guys! Kunsthal Rotterdam challenged us to think of a way to attract a younger target group to their exposition ‘Freaky Voorjaar’ (Freaky Spring) where modern art is displayed. How can we show younger people (between 18 and 35 years) that art is also interesting for them? And how can we attract this target group to plan a day to watch the ‘Freaky Voorjaar’ exposition at the Kunsthal Rotterdam?

Why it makes our heart tick

Combine art concepts together with an interesting technology. Just our cup of tea! In the first brainstorm with the team we decided it would be nice if people could make their own art and somehow expose this in the Kunsthal Rotterdam. Now we only needed to think of a way to make it accessible for everyone, mainly from a technical perspective.

The idea

We created a digital environment in which people can upload own images and pictures. By combining this with a kaleidoscope effect everything looks suddenly so arty! With the ‘Freaky Voorjaar’ font people can add their own text to the picture. When you’re finished optimizing and customizing your Freaky Creation you can share it via social media. Also, the Freaky Creation is displayed on a screen in the Kunsthal Rotterdam! By sharing your Freaky Creation you also receive a fair discount. A perfect opportunity to visit the ‘Freaky Voorjaar’ exposition and admire your own Freaky Creation in the Kunsthal Rotterdam.

The results

We’ve only recently launched the website but we’re confident we can reach great numbers of participants due to the interactive elements in this activation.

Curious? You can participate yourself and get a 20% discount on the website of Freaky Voorjaar.

We love to create a project with a mixture of online and offline components