Microsoft Western Europe - the story of Avatarion


Microsoft has a lot of inspiring customer success stories. Like this one. The story of Nao. Nao is a robot equipped with the software of a company called Avatarion. The company of Avatarion develops solutions to help child patients. Because it’s important to let children stay in touch with their familiar environment To make them feel safe. Wherever they are and especially during a long hospital stay.


It’s the solution of Avatarion, with a little help from Microsoft technology. The little patients can – while at the hospital – remotely control Nao with a tablet and interact via the robot with their classmates at school or their family at home. Such a great story, but the content is very technical and doesn’t reach the audience in an effective way. So, they asked us to create a conversation starter with a call-to-action to read the whole story.


Our first thought about this case was to make it personal. That’s why we created a fresh, colorful, modern and attractive animation style – in graphics and words – which can be used for cases like this one. In the story of Nao, we breathed life into the robot, to increase an emotional connection.


We’re using a human and clear tone-of-voice to explain the technological side of the story in a way everybody can understand. The voice-over is fresh, clear, inspiring, informing and with a fun-loving touch. We make a call-to-action for developers and… everyone who wants to hear it.

It’s overwhelming to see how technology can support children who really need it.


For the visual style of the animation, we have chosen for the iconic and recognizable Microsoft illustration style. The style can be used in many ways and it gives the story a playful touch. This is the first video of the series.


Therefore, we decided to choose 3 colors which will be used in all video content. Blue, dark blue and orange. The whole look feels professional and is also easy on the eyes. Just like Nao. Right, Nao?