Questionmark - The Lucky Barcode


Do you know the story behind the food you eat? The drinks you consume? Questionmark is a Dutch initiative which tells the real story behind the products you buy and use. Via the Questionmark app, you take a picture of the product barcode and the story is displayed on your smartphone. Every month, new products are added to the Questionmark database. This summer, Questionmark only gets better.

Why it makes our heart tick

Questionmark works hard to enrich their database, but needed a way grab the attention. In order to truly experience the value of the service, consumers need to download and actually use the Questionmark app. We clearly needed a smart mechanism to invite users to take the plunge.

Do you know the real story behind the food and drinks you consume?

The idea

Meet The Lucky Barcode. We encourage consumers to download the app and scan the changing barcodes which are displayed on your screen. Behind every barcode, there is a unique story. But better yet: when you’re lucky, the Lucky Barcode is displayed. And that means you get a prize. Daily, several prizes are given away. At the end of the campaign, one of the contestants receives a Dutch Sandwichbike.

How do you attract consumers and show them the true value of the service?

Scanning a product with the Questionmark app.

Behind every barcode, there is a unique story.

The Results