Microsoft BeLux - Engage with the story behind


Technology has an enormous global impact. You don’t have to put on your interactive 3D glasses to notice that. The role of Microsoft is much larger than just offering PCs, game consoles and operating systems. Microsoft wanted to show that their brand is more than just a product. Therefore, some countries – such as Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland created an online blog where they offer technology news about worldwide changes. Microsoft BeLux asked us to think of a way to engage their customers and consumers. So, we created the content strategy for Microsoft Belux that tells the fascinating story behind technology.


Step away from the product alone. When you want to engage your customers and consumers, you should tell a real story and take them on a journey. And that’s why we came up with the ENGAGE Framework, which we still use to deliver digital content for the blog in a layered and effective manner. This first phase is all about creating identification. Secondly, we invite our audience to take a deep dive into the subject. After that, we present all you need to get you started. The last phase contains the call to action. Every phase serves a different goal, and offers a specific content type.

Technology is way more than codes, software and cool gadgets. You can effectively use it to engage with people around you.


A boss, plumber, doctor, teacher, engineer, a mother. Whoever you are: Microsoft’s Pulse blog is for everyone who likes to start a conversation about new technologies or who is curious and wants to get inspired.

Content in the cloud

Digital transformation, the cloud, block chain, ransomware. In this case, it’s just throwing with tech terms, but on the blog and Facebook we translate these subjects into tangible reading material. Think of background and opinion articles, short games, infographics, animations, interview videos.

‘In 60 Seconds’ provides a stage for people to share their message via a compact video snack.