Crystal Clear - Favourites platform


For Crystal Clear (‘the 1 kcal drink’), it is important to maintain a steady growth. To accomplish this goal, Crystal Clear wants to act as a strong, unique brand. Also, it is important to communicate that Crystal Clear simply is more than water with a taste. It is a delicious light drink and a perfect alternative for other light drinks.


Crystal Clear wants to stay ahead of its competitors. The brand does not want to compete in terms of pricing.

So, how do you succeed in Crystal Clear becoming the brand that women love?

The idea

We introduced a user platform which enables women to do stuff they like and want to do. Women love special offers, but genuine impressive offers were hard to find. That’s why we introduced the platform, in order to simplify the process of finding interesting tips and tricks for women.

Crystal Clear Favourites: a platform for women you simply cannot miss

Focus on engagement

Favourites engages and stimulates women by constantly providing a valuable offer or by asking what the audience wants to do, see, save or share.

User-generated content

The platform itself primarily is maintained by ‘brand friends’. They develop and choose relevant themes, add their own unique tricks, rate other tricks and share the content with friends.

The platform itself primarily is maintained by ‘brand friends’

This way, they support each other in finding the most valuable offers for travelling, shopping, going out, having fun at home, love life, health and beauty. Every month, the most popular trick is rewarded with a short trip.

Every theme contains valuable offers and competitions. Relevant partners are invited to participate in the platform. The offers and competitions can be activated via a unique code which can be found on every Crystal Clear bottle.

The platform focuses on special offers, tips and tricks, rather than the product itself

Strengthening the connection between the platform and the actual bottle sales

Voucher codes on the bottles. When redeemed, the consumers are eligible to special discounts

The results