Microsoft - Achter De Schermen app

An integrated approach


When you introduce a new product or service, such as Windows 8, you better make sure people now how to use it. There clearly was a need for a friendly and approachable ‘guide’ which takes the consumer through the basics of Windows. The first 48 hours proved to be of great importance for new users. From a communication perspective, this insight asked for another approach than the rest of the product life cycle.

Why it makes our heart tick

We were convinced an integrated approach would have a huge impact on the adoption rate of the product. In order to connect with our audience, we needed to reach out via several channels. Each channel has its own characteristics. We were challenged to format the message to the used channels. This asked for a truly integrated approach. There was not much time: everything needed to be in place at the official launch date. Three weeks and counting…

It all starts with choosing the right name...

We worked on a truly integrated approach.

The idea

We identified several types of content, such as tips, step-by-step guides and app reviews. There are two approaches, based on the timing. First, we used the first 48 hours to grab the attention of the audience, via a brochure. This brochure consists of the five basic steps for getting started with Windows 8.

Next, a native Windows 8 app picks up where the brochure left off, offering advanced tips and how-to’s, app reviews and social integration with the Windows blog and Windows Facebook.

The app picks up where the brochure left off.

Developing the app's wireframes and information architecture.

Introducing the Achter De Schermen app

The app takes full advantage of all benefits that come with Windows 8. The live tile notifies the user of new content, while the snap view enables them to directly execute the step-by-step guides. Combining valuable content with powerful functionality, Achter De Schermen became the loyal companion of over 10.000 Dutch users within the first month after launch. Due to its success in The Netherlands, a German version was developed and rolled out shortly after.

Fast-forward to two years later, the app is still used and loved by a large user base. New content is published on a weekly basis, and the app gets refreshed and optimized regularly, adding new functionality and improving the user experience.

The results