easyEnergy - the real Dutch energy market


It is Spring 2017 when the ‘easy family of brands’ (easyJet, easyHotel) introduces a new brand: easyEnergy. This energy company entered the Dutch market with an innovative proposition. Customers with a so-called smart electricity meter get electricity and gas for trade prices without a profit mark-up. easyEnergy guarantees that their customers will never pay more for their energy than the current market price. They asked us to help them with the digital launch of easyEnergy.


This brand new energy concept needed an impressive and effective introduction. We accepted the challenge to introduce easyEnergy to the target group of people in the Netherlands with a smart meter. GANDA developed the digital introduction strategy, as well as the campaign and creative assets.


People in the Netherlands don’t know much about the energy market. Of course, they are aware of the different energy companies, their energy operator and probably the fact that they pay too much, but that is about it. So before the target group can truly appreciate the offer of easyEnergy they need to know a bit more about the status quo of the energy landscape. That is why we came up with energy facts strategy. This strategy consists of three phases: astonishment, confirmation and reassurance. The reassurance phase emphasizes the unique selling points of easyEnergy, followed by the tagline and promise ‘Zoals ‘t hoort’ (‘Like it should be’).


As a follow up to the energy facts strategy, we created the ‘Are you serious’ campaign. In this campaign we present several facts to different customers. For example: The ‘Welcome gift’ from your new energy company? You paid for it by yourself. In the campaign we show the first consumer reaction after the facts are delivered, immediately followed by the promise of easyEnergy and the tagline ‘Zoals ‘t hoort’.

Animation easyEnergy


Because easyEnergy operates mostly online, the campaign has a primary digital focus. We developed an innovative banner campaign supported by PR, SEA and social advertising. At the same time, we developed a new way of presenting financial information for the consumer invoices and explained the business of easyEnergy in two inspiring animations.

The ‘Welcome gift’ from your new energy company? You paid for it yourself