DealBroker - Personalized cross-selling

Making the most out of your trip


DealBroker enables airlines to increase revenue by sending targeted offers to travelers when they book their tickets. A few days before departure, travelers receive an e-mail on behalf of the partner. The e-mail contains offers for day trips and other activities for the region they will visit. Think of zoos, exhibitions, shops and restaurants. The offers can be bought online and are delivered as a gift certificate or voucher. We developed the entire system for DealBroker.

A few days before departure, travelers receive an e-mail on behalf of the partner.

Why it makes our heart tick

DealBroker clearly was in need of a fully integrated approach. The system consists of a personalized mailing system, payment options and voucher delivery mechanism. Also, reporting is an important component and enables the DealBroker organization to optimize all campaign efforts. A personal dashboard for partners shows all relevant statistics and offers various reporting tools.

The idea

In the first step, we built the DealBroker system. Upon finalization, the first airline partner was connected. Thanks to the uniform set-up, new partners can be added easily. The system uses a responsive design, so it also can be viewed on tablet computers and mobile phones. After launch, we continuously expand and optimize the system and e-mail communication, in order to achieve a better conversion ratio.

Personalized offers are presented according to the airline's corporate style.

Detailed and real-time reporting enables DealBroker to optimize all campaign efforts.

The dashboard provides deep insight in each campaign's performance.

Thanks to the responsive design, users can view DealBroker on their tablets and mobile phones.

The results