Albert Heijn - De Boodschapper


Albert Heijn is the leading food retailer in the Netherlands and one of the country’s best-known brands. Their mission? To make the ordinary affordable and the extraordinary attainable. Albert Heijn understands young employees have questions about their responsibilities, career chances and the workflow in general. It is also important that these youngsters reach the internal announcements and news from the head office. For example by an employee vlogger of Albert Heijn.

The idea

Together with content agency Bilder Rotterdam, we came up with ‘De Boodschapper van Albert Heijn’ (The Messenger of Albert Heijn). Mark, a young employee of Albert Heijn, is one of the first Boodschappers that keeps up a vlog. This vlog is about the intern events, ‘must know’ facts and other stuff that is relevant for his colleagues. Because Mark is a young, energetic dude that has a part-time job at Albert Heijn, his fellow Albert Heijn youth can easily identify themselves with Mark. Via De Boodschapper, the employees are always up-to-date with internal messages and events. The Boodschapper vlogger travels through the country to talk to different Albert Heijn managers and colleagues about a wide range of subjects.

The messenger

In this case we used several (social) channels for exposure. Every Boodschapper vlog is uploaded on Vimeo. When there is a new vlog online, we use WhatsApp as the most important channel to communicate this video to the employees.

Social stuff

Besides WhatsApp, the other social channels we use are Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, Albert Heijn has a page (@Werkenbijalbertheijn) where co-workers of the stores gather to discuss relevant topics, or just to share funny nonsense. On this page the vlogs are being shared and the reactions of the employees are very positive. De Boodschapper is also active on Instagram on the same account as on Facebook: @Werkenbijalbertheijn.

Via De Boodschapper, the employees are always up-to-date with internal messages and events.