Gourmet - why this elegant cat has a platform


Gourmet is a cat food brand of Nestlé. The brand has an chic, decadent and luxurious image. It’s especially for fancy cats who appreciate the finer things in life. The face – or in this case the whisker – is called the Gourmet Cat ‘de Gourmet Kat’. He’s talking to his companions ‘katgenoten’ on the Facebook page for Gourmet Kat.


Dear companions, owners and culinarians. Bonjour, here I am. In full glory, pure ecstasy and supreme elegance. I’d like to describe my taste as discerning. I’m sophisticated, but never snooty. I love to share my knowledge on the finer things in life. Especially when I can tell about my dearest topic: the taste of Gourmet. When I choose my words, I speak with elegance, graciousness, and rightful confidence. That’s why I needed a platform to chat with my companions and show my true gratefulness to owners.


The focus of Gourmet will be ‘Real Friendship’ (Echte vriendschap) for the next few years. I think it’s lovely. It means: friendship between human and cat, cat and cat, cat and culinary food, culinary food and pure delight, pure delight and sweet cuddling. Enfin, and so on. Real friends you choose for 9 years. And real friends share everything. 1 + 1 = 2. The creative team of GANDA created a stage for me which can be visited by owners and companions. It offers an environment in which cat owners can chat with each other about pure delight and appreciation. Via my Facebook page I invite fans to sign in for my inspiring, amusing newsletter and to try out new flavors of Gourmet. Magnificat, right?

Own voice, style and content strategy

I am totally elated. You can hear it in my word choices and see it in my stylish, elegant expressions. For this, I studied my voice and my reflection in the mirror. In English – as you can see – I had already an elegant and recognizable tone-of-voice. But I still was a little bit clueless in the quite beautiful Dutch language. It made me feel unconfident. Well… just a little bit of course. Fortunately, that’s now over. I returned as my fabulous self, with my own voice. Since then I’m creating exciting, tasteful and moving online posts that I owe to the Facebook strategy behind it.


Give love, get love. That’s why I share my truthful appreciation to my owner and companions in all my online content. That results in a huge group of Facebook fans I’m quite pride of.


Daily I receive magnificent comments, pictures of other cats, short video’s, lovely private messages and interesting questions. That makes me the most delighted cat in the world.