Microsoft - Work Smart Scan


How do you manage your working day? Do you spend enough time with your family and kids, while at the same time delivering high quality work in the office? One of the ways which enable you to deliver, is by using Office 365 from Microsoft. This famous Office suite helps you with creating documents, working with colleagues and communication with other companies. But how do you effectively deliver this message to your audience?


From the beginning of the project, we knew it would be a challenge to attract the attention of our busy, corporate audience. One thing was sure: we didn’t want to deliver a static campaign. We explored engaging ways in which the message could be delivered, tailored for the specific audience. At the same time, it was important to closely tie the new campaign to an international campaign which already was being rolled out.

Which apps do you use? - Work Smart Scan on a tablet.

The idea

Meet the Work Smart Scan. A truly interactive way to find out how you achieve in your personal and business life. By presenting engaging scenarios which the audience can relate to, people can discover their unique score. The idea proofed to be scalable, and the digital campaign was rolled out in several countries, such as Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. The Work Smart Scan uses GANDA’s in house developed ENGAGE Framework as the underlying content base. ENGAGE presents information in a layered, four-phase way. If you already have been introduced to the topic, ENGAGE offers the flexibility to skip earlier information stages. Currently, ENGAGE is being used for several campaigns and their different audiences.

Insight on a pixel level

The Work Smart Scan gives a perfect insight in the maturity level of the target audience and enables us to tailor the content to the actual needs. At the same time, we gather statistical information which can be compared with the other countries in which the Smart Work Scan is introduced. The ENGAGE Framework enables the different countries to submit their own, country-specific information, while at the same time preserving the campaign overall effectiveness.

Some of the questions asked in the Work Smart Scan.