Kunstuitleen - Making art affordable for everyone


In 32 stores in 28 cities in The Netherlands you can borrow real art for a good price. Borrow as long and as much as you like. Refresh your interior and offer your living room or office a makeover. And when you fall in love with a special piece of art, it is possible to buy the unique piece. That was the purpose of the digital campaign of Kunstuitleen.


Art only for the upper class? No way. The Kunstuitleen (Art Loan) initiative is there to make art affordable for everyone. But not everybody knows about this unique possibility. We accepted the challenge to create a moving campaign that increased the brand awareness of ‘Kunstuitleen’ to the target group of 25-45 years old people.

The idea

A plastic buddha statue, a cheesy canvas poster or a second hand painting. Be honest, how many garbage do you have at home? Of course you can throw this away, but we have a better solution. Swap it to real art. That is why we’ve launched ‘De Nationale Kunstinruildag’ (National Art Trade In Day).

On this day you can swap your funny and ugly decorations for a massive 50% discount on a real piece of art. A modern painting or an impressive colour palette: Kunstuitleen always has something that fits into your interior. Also, Dutch singer Douwe Bob was the ambassador and introduced the campaign to our target audience.

From website to postcard to the big day

For the Nationale Kunstinruildag we’ve created the campaign, the digital environment and social content. We are a digital agency after all. But for this project we also created a print campaign. We designed posters and postcards for all the Kunstuitleen locations in Holland.

During ‘De Nationale Kunstinruildag’ many people visited the different Kunstuitleen stores through the whole country. They gladly accepted the invitation and brought along their old decorations to swap these for the discount. There is a good chance that next year, this successful event will take place again.

Don’t settle for less, and join the National Art Trade In Day