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Our story

everything to get you going.

At GANDA, we like to think of a brand as an asset which you hand over to your customers in order for them to change, lavish, keep and cherish. In the end, the value of your brand is up to them. Nothing to worry about. Just make sure the brand is handed over properly.

And that’s where we come into play.

At GANDA, you will meet a team of highly skilled professionals with the right talent and knowledge to strengthen the relation between you and your audience. We develop and build digital strategies and campaigns. Thanks to our unique approach, all digital projects are fully developed in house.


  • Alex Raileanu Back-end developer
  • Chaim Kwakman Art-director
  • Dennis Gandasoebrata Partner
  • Ellen van Klingeren Financial controller
  • Ernstjan Albers Partner
  • Jonas Teetaert Front-end intern
  • Keyhé Delsink Art-director
  • Lars van Duijkeren Front-end Intern
  • Maik van Wel Remote Developer
  • Marjolein Eisma Project Manager
  • Martijn Nooij Project Manager
  • Ria Sarkar Back-end developer
  • Rosa Veldhuis Content manager
  • Simone ten Caat Creative Copywriter
  • Thomas Bakker Sr. Project Manager
  • Tim Frankena Jr. Art-director

Jobs at GANDA

At GANDA, we’re very proud to work for A-list clients with the people who are part of our team. We’re always looking for talented and driven people who are eager to join us. Below you will find our current job openings.

Is your job not listed here? We also accept unsolicited applications and internships, so don’t hesitate to contact us anyway! Send your resume and motivational letter to Ernstjan Albers:

Current job openings